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The Catholic Defender: My Time at the House of Vicka Ivanković-Mijatović

The Catholic Defender: My Time at the House of Vicka Ivanković-Mijatović while I was on pilgrimage at Medjugorje 1986. Vicka came out to meet many of the pilgrims who had come there hoping to see and hear the well spokesperson of the seers of the reported visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Medjugorje.

I remember a guide began by introducing Vicka as she came out to meet us gathered. Vicka smiled, waved and blew kisses at everyone. and since I was right in front of her, it seemed she smiled at me.

I happened to be at the front of the crowd. As she came towards me, I was amazed at how happy she was to see the crowd gathered to see her. I for years had been conducting presentations on the influence of Secular Rock Music and what was happening in the United States and Europe. I asked Vicka if she had received any concern of Our Lady because of what was taking place in the media. Vicka responded to me with the following: “Before, I prayed from pure habit. Now I’ve turned completely to prayer. I commit my life completely to God. I feel sorry for those who do not believe in God, because Our Lady wants no one to be lost. We can help each other find the right way to God.

It’s up to the people to obey the messages and be converted. Great things are happening here: Our Lady is among us. She wishes to attract everyone to Her Son.

Here, everyone feels the nearness and the love of God.

On leaving Medjugorje and returning back to Schweinfurt Germany, I felt that what I expereinced at Medjugorje was powerful. I wtnessed conversion, healing, and devotion and miracles that to this day encourage me.

Our Lady calls for conversion and for peace. That we are to be following Our Lord making the Mass the center of our lives. Our Lady is calling us to the Sacraments especially the Sacraments of Confession and the Eucharist.

Vicka was very gracious and she responded to the whole crowd gathered. She brought joy to the crowd who encountered her. Her greetings with the pilgrims always had a smile that seems to come from heaven.

I traveled to Medjugorje with a number of American Military and families from Schweinfurt Germany.

From this part of our pigrimage, after Vicka had spoken, I was off to all the sites and places where all these happenings took place. While at Medjugorje, it was like finding the whole village was converted. Mass was being offered throughout the day in various languages and always packed. In the evenings the locals gathered for the Rosary and Mass. This was where the youth were as well. There were the long lines going to Confession. There were 30 priests to include Our priest Father Ryan who made the pilgrimage with us from Germany.

From the 15th of January 1982 onwards the children saw Our Lady in a closed off area of the Parish Church. The Parish Priest arranged this because of the newly arisen difficulties and sometimes even dangers, which provided themselves for the visionaries. I (1986) was granted to spend some time in this room where Our Lady is reported to have appeared when the police tried to put a stop to the visions.


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