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The Catholic Defender Marches to honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Originally when I began this flag detail, I do this to give thanks for my healing of two strokes, and prostate Cancer which I am completely cured. I thank the many Deepertruth family for praying for me.

Also, I am standing against the paganism that is trying to take a foot hold in America. today, a teenager drove on by me screaming "hail Satan". How sad this is. What they are teaching in public schools is something we need to turn around. This is a battle. The Biden Administration is all about the New Age movement and growth. The Pro-life needs to radically take the valient stand. Lives are at stake, souls also as the gay agenda is hitting a school near you.

The importance to pray for our Soldiers in the Military despite the onslaught of the Progressives making the Military a place of social engineering. It is important to return back to the Catholic Faith.

I first went on active duty in the Army on February 7, 1985. Our military training at that time was matched against the Russian threat because the Cold War was still in effect. So all our training prepared us for when we did enter a war. The Viet Nam War is a great example. We had to know the weaponry that the Russian back armies would use.

On one occasion, we were shown a video of how the Russian Soldiers trained. This was while the “Cold War” was still in effect, at the end of the video, the Drill Sergeant invited us to ask questions from what we saw. After a number of troops asked their questions, I raised my hand to make a statement.

The Drill Sergeant gave me permission to speak. I then stood up and said, “Drill Sergeant, we have been watching how our counterparts train. One major reason why I prefer this uniform that I’m wearing now is because it protects our right to worship God in freedom and preserves our liberty to do so. On the other hand, these Russian Soldiers do not mind taking clubs and beating old men, women, and children because they were hiding in a barn to worship God. These people have to worship God in secret”.

At that point an immediate round of applause and cheering followed my words which surprised the Drill Sergeants. They was taken off guard with what I said and the response it got. This went on for another 30-40 seconds until the one Drill Sergeant regained his composure.

When he gave that look everyone went back to their sitting at attention leaving me standing their alone. The Drill Sergeant looked at me for a moment and said, “That’s all Private” and I sat back down."

I was fortunate and proud to have serve for over 26 years of active service experiencing many things.

We need to pray for our Military as we head deeper into the 21st century. There are a lot of challenges and the world is not safer because the threats coming from our enemies are determined.

It is fitting that my last unit I went to Iraq with, my Platoon motto was "GraveRobber". That was very special to me as I have served as a Combat Medic my whole career. I told my Soldiers that every life we save in Iraq was another Soldier we were sending back home to a family. That has been one of the highlights of my career, teaching and instructing Soldiers and preparing them to build a better Army for tomorrow. For me tomorrow has finally come. Through this time, I have been graced to have helped lead thousands to the Catholic Church. I have been able to see many come home after being away for a long time.

I am thankful to have played a part in all this, serving as a Eucharistic Minister in the field. I felt like David before the Ark, what joy I had being given this kind of responsibility. I thank God for the opportunity to serve him. I thank God for the opportunity to serve my Country. I've been in places that needed help in leading the music, I got involved despite the fact I can't sing that great. Even so, what a great experience I had through the years from Germany, Korea, Latin America, I sang badly my way through at times. To receive a thank you from Command because a family wanted to thank me in writing meant more to me than getting the Army Achievement Medal. That always meant a great deal to me.

My faith has been solidly intact my whole career.


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