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The Catholic Defender: John Benko's problem is spiritual and psycological

Since before Christmas John Benko has made constant attacks on the truth based on his hatred of the reported visions and miracles of Medjugorje.

Yet, he continues to send perverted messages to my wife and members of Deepertruth.

My wife and I have been watching cop shows seeing the problem of drug and alcohol use.

The Benko problem is spiritual as he wants to be what he used to be but he is nothing what he once was. His perverted mind has taken over. Just look at the latest trash he is placing on my web-page:



Notice that Benko feels he has to come to my web-page to lodge his false attacks. He is the one using vulgare language, not me. He is very lonely over on his web-page and his radio podcast is a zero.

I routinely find that we at Deepertruth continue to be among the top in the field of Christianity on Blog Talk Radio. Benko is not even on the recter scale. The vast support we have is seen on facebook. Thousands of support from all over the world. My friends will not respond to Benko's attacks and would rather that I would not respond either. Benko simply is wanting a platform and he comes over here on my web-site to shock and be outragious. He wants to goat me into a debate giving him such a platorm. That will never happen.


So he attacks the truth making false accusations. We continue to pick up many followers on Facebook.

Benko exagerates my demise, I'm not going anywhere. My doctor's prognosis is that the Blessed Virgin Mary wants me for the long haul. Benko comes here because he has no traction on his web-page.

Consider the last couple of weeks, I traveled over 300 miles to stand with the University of Missouri College pro-life students at Columbia Missouri. I just led an America needs Fatima Rosary rally. We were one Rally of nearly 20,000 across America. On the radio, I've been leading Novenas, leading praying for America. What has Benko been doing? Just look at what he sent today I copied and in blue. I continue to include Benko in my daily Rosary. When he commits to his perverted name calling like he does here. I am in good company as I am in agreement with Pope St. John Paul II and Father Gabriele Amorth, the most important Vatican Exorcist in the 1990s. Benko sits in the rafters with the Peanut Gallery who themselves would not approve of Benko's action on my web-site. He should be in jail for the perverted language he has sent to my wife. Gigi has a four year Bachlers Degree in psycology and believes Benko has a psycological issue. I agree with her assessment. She had read the filth Benko sends. I believe that Benko's problem is Spiritual. Benko has totally lost it. I'm concerned for his children as he has abused them to such a degree they will have nothing to do with him because of their upbringing.

“Today’s world has lost its sense of the supernatural, but many are searching for it –and find it in Medjugorje, through prayer, penance, and fasting.” The late pontiff and future saint, his holiness, spoke these words on August 1, 1989,while addressing a group of Italian physicians studying the apparitions in Medjugorje with medical and scientific investigations. Father Gabriele Amorth, the most important Vatican Exorcist in the 1990s.

To show her (Father's interviewer) how I immediately saw myself faced with serious and worthy of study episodes, just think that when I wrote that first article of mine, Mgr. Zanic, bishop of Mostar, on which he depends on Medjugorje, was decidedly favorable. Then he became fiercely opposed, as is his successor, whom he himself first requested as Auxiliary Bishop.

In these years, especially before the journeys to Fatima of this Pontiff, the message of Fatima had been almost set aside; the calls of the Madonna had remained unfulfilled;meanwhile the general situation of the world got worse, with a continuous growth of evil: decline of faith, abortion, divorce, dominant pornography, course to the various forms of occultism, above all magic, spiritism, satanic sects. A new push was essential. This came from Medjugorje, and then from other Marian apparitions throughout the world. But Medjugorje is the pilot appearance. Like Fatima, the message focuses on the return to Christian life, to prayer, to sacrifice (there are many forms of fasting!).It bets decisively, as at Fatima, on peace and, as at Fatima, contains dangers of war.I believe that with Medjugorje the message of Fatima has regained vigor and there is no doubt that the pilgrimages to Medjugorje exceed and integrate pilgrimages to Fatima, and have the same goals.

Both Pope St. John Paul II and Father Amorth saw Medjugorje as an extension of Fatima.

Granting Medjugorje the status of an approved Catholic shrine is among the recommendations that the Vatican Commmission on Medjugorje handed over to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) on January 17, Cardinal Vinko Puljic of Sarajevo told the Croatian news portal Dnevnik.

According to Vatican Insider, the Commission focused on the first phase of apparitions to determine if there was evidence of any tricks, hoaxes or abuse of popular credulity. No such evidence was found.

The Commission found real and significant fruits in the form of conversions, and no evidence of fraud, deception or abuse. So, in this sense, Medjugorje received a favorable review in the final report handed over to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Not only does Benko have an uphill to climb even under normal circumstanses with his Psycological and spiritual issues, but he is wrong. There is no way that I would ever resume our former friendship. I will pray for him and his children. I wish him well. I supported him and encouraged him with his work. I'm glad he is doing better, he just needs to stay in his lane and leave me and Deepertruth alone.

Just notice that Our Lady's statue show her feet. That in itself defeats the Benko attacks. He loses in all counts.

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