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The Catholic Defender: John Benko is the Internet Bully who can't help himself

John Benko has a good team, unfortunately for the 4 persons network, John Benko is not a Catholic to be trusted with leadership as he has an Altar Ego badly. The only fully authentic Catholic network on Blogtalk Radio, Benko knows he trails Deepertruth by nearly a quartermillion listens and counter every day.

Recently, staunch Democrates who opposes my support of President Trump followed the Democrate playbook of making false accusations against those in the public eye who oppose them. I have walked over 800 miles for President Trump along main street of Gardner Kansas finding support of thousands. The train passsing by waved at me and as I saluted them, they honked their horn from the train. That was awesome! I was accused of being a child stalker by a Biden Democrate which the Archdiocese of Kansas conducted a full investication and found me totally innocent of that Biden Accusation. I have been 100% Virtus Trained from Kansas, Missouri, Arkansaw, Texas, Louisiana, Tennesee,The Archdiocese of the Military.

John Benko thought he found a means to attack asking "Are child stalkers qualified to teach Catholicism?" Benko is showing his Democrate ways of asserting his false Biden agenda against Deepertruth and the Catholic Faith.

Benko giving as always a false opinion, "you look more guilty every day" That is coming from Benko's Altar ego who does not like being way behind Deepertruth. I fired John Benko from Deepertruth and that messed with his extreme altar Ego.

John are you showing remorse that your children were abused and will never speak to you and you have grand-children you have never seen. I was not nor ever was a child staalker, you know that but your altar ego can't help piling on with Biden's false acusations against faithful Catholics with the Teaching Magisteriam of the Church.

As of 5/13/2024 Deepertruth has 211971 listens while the 4 persons is at 4396.


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