The Catholic Defender: John Benko Continues yelling at the air in blind rage!

Hartley started this and you have yet to demonstrate that he is right about ANYTHING that he is saying. I am the one being slandered and any of you would react the same way. If you say you wouldn't, you are a liar.

Yes folks, I somehow started all this by suffering from a cerebral brain Bleed, a stroke when John Benko began calling me out and John Carpenter as well. I was not even on the computer since before Christmas when I had the stroke. I have since been in recovery mode. It is only recently that I have learned how John Benko has gone over the internet attacking me. I wondered why people were coming to me complaining about John Benko and his bullying tactics. I find it hard not to respond to what he continues to do. He just can't help himself.

Ah yes..... I should just put up with this piece of garbage slandering me. Don't be a hypocrite. Call him out for his lies then you have the moral standing to call me out for my reaction to his lies.

"lies"? Like John Benko sending perverted pictures, like using vulgar language that I do not use. Like calling "the Virgin Mary Satan?" I would almost let him get away with it calling Mary "diabolical" because of his hatred of Medjugorje, he believes the lies coming from the peanut gallery along with Patrick Coffin and Donal Foley.

Then Benko got caught in his own lies involving Dr. Gregory Thompson where he calls the Virgin Mary Satan outright. He is sour because of our series "Journey with Mary" that we have been showing for nearly 8 years. On his own web-page Benko called it "Journey with Satan"

"Deeper Truth's Donald Hartley (The Catholic Pretender) and John Carpenter (Journey with Satan) continue to hide behind the alleged opinions of luminaries like Pope Saint John Paul II and Father Amorth rather than come out into to the open and have a series of factual debates"

Notice who is the one name calling, it is Benko? I have never called him a name, I have now recognized Benko as part of the "unholy Trinity for his calling Mother Mary Satan" Notice "Journey with Satan"? Those are Benko's own words. I will make him responsible for his own words.

Father Gabriel Amorth claimed to have dealt with the devil 60,000 times .The late Father Amorth was one of the most influential exorcists of the Catholic Church of the 20th century. Father Amorth is a famous exorcist but few are aware that he is also one the most outspoken supporters of the special events taking place in Medjugorje. Medjugorje is a town in Bosnia where for over 28 years the Blessed Mother is said to be appearing to six "Visionaires". Father Amorth speaking about the apparitions said "Surely. Medjugorje is a fortress against Satan. Satan hates Medjugorje because it is a place of conversion, of prayer, of transformation of life."

"I always understood Medjugorje as a continuation of Fatima. According to Our Lady’s words in Fatima, if we had prayed and fasted, there would not have been World War II. We have not listened to her and therefore there was a war. Also here in Medjugorje, Our Lady often calls to prayer for peace. In her apparitions, Our Lady always presents herself under another name to show the goal of her apparitions. (Queen of Peace - Medjugorje, Our Lady of Fatima -Fatima. Lourdes - The Immaculate Conception)

Notice what St. John Paul II said about Medjugorje: Saint John Paul II: “Medjugorje is the continuation of Fatima. The Madonna appears for the first time in communist countries because of the problems that come from Russia,”

The Queen of Peace at Medjugorje 1981 – “The Russian people will come to glorify God the most.”

“Medjugorje is the continuation and fulfillment of Fatima” The Virgin Mary at Medjugorje August 2, 1991

I'm certainly not sorry standing along with Pope St. John Paul II and Father Amorth! I'd rather hold the line with them that cater down with the peanut gallery and John Benko, Patrick Coffin, and Donal Foley.

Please keep John Benko in prayer.