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The Catholic Defender: Hold the Line

The media is doing their best to try and divide the American support for President Trump. When you look at the Socialist Democrats who are working against the Constitution and seeking to end American freedom, they are seeking to create a rift in the Republican Party.

Do not buy it, hold the line. BREAKING BIG: Jovan Pulitzer says Georgia Called in Trucks to Get Rid of the Evidence in Fulton County He is Supposed to be Scanning! The Socialist Democrats and their Rhino collaborators seek to destroy evidence. Vice President Pence will never reward such evil to prevail on 6 January 2021.

BREAKING: 140 or more House Republicans will object to the electoral college on January 6th. The news is getting out and Holding the line is the battle cry.

Members of the Senate is coming around to contest the election as Biden continues to seek to steal it.

Facts. 1. The election is contested and Biden is not the President elect. 2. The Biden electors are no more constitutionally binding than the Trump electors. 3. The proof of fraud is overwhelming and irrefutable. 4. Trump will be President 4 more years.

My guess is that Pence will throw out the Biden electors after his authority to do so is confirmed by the courts. The courts have to confirm it because it's open and shut. Virginia was a blow-out victory for Trump until a million fake votes were dumped into the count. Just the outraged Virginians who had their votes stolen driving into DC on January 6th will be in the hundreds of thousands..

Scenario 1. Pence opens and counts ALL electoral votes including competing sets. In this scenario, Trump wins 316-306

Scenario 2. Pence excludes all contested states that have been challenged in court. In this scenario, Trump wins 232-227

Scenario 3. Pence excludes tainted, contested Biden electors and approves Trump electors. Trump wins 316-222

Scenario 4. Pence discards all Trump electors in favor of tainted and improperly certified Biden electors. Biden wins 306-232

Since scenario 4 is the least legal, and least logical, explain to me why Pence would willfully sign off on fraud and choose the only option where Biden gets away with his crime?

The end result; President Trump wins the election and saves America from the Socialist, Marxist, Communists who sought to steal it.


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