The Catholic Defender exposes the Real John Benko's "The 4Persons" his new website/Radio

Padre Pio and other mystics of the church have said that the surest sign that an alleged "apparition of Mary" is demonic is that the feet are covered. This is the case in all the iconography of Medjugorje. She who crushes the head of the serpent is replaced BY the serpent and Donnie and Johnnie side with the serpent.

Actually, John Benko forgets that I was present in the room where it is reported that the Virgin Mary appeared to the Children of Medjugorje when they were being protected from the Communist Police. The statue of Mary in this room, her feet are clearly seen as another statue of Mary in the Church, her feet are clearly seen. The statue that John Benko lifts up high is not an accurate description of Our Lady of Medjugorje, but simply an artist rendition. You can see how deceptive John Benko is. He thinks he is clever. The Priest in that video is Father Charles Rippegar. The foremost exorcist in the world today. He is WARNING YOU about who he calls the harlot and idol of Medjugorje. Are you too stupid to listen??? Do want to wind up in hell????

Also, I watched the video of a priest giving his homily what he thought was the truth about Medjugorje. ( I think that actually, John Benko was wrong who he thought the priest was putting out that video? I do not believe that was Father Rippegar giving that homily. ) The priest giving the homily clearly makes his case built on the idea that the Lady led the crowd with the Lord's Prayer? That is when the priest referred to the Lady as a demon and an idol. I personally hold to the foremost Vatican Exorcist of the 20th century who spoke with the Children of Medjugorje on numerous occasions. I'll take his view along with Pope Saint Pope John Paul II on their position on Medjugorje. Like other Benko exagerations and misinformation, I have already blown the issue of the Lord's Prayer out of the water like any of the errors of Benko. He does not know that he is lost...

Unfortunately, good people who have taken in the peanut gallery of The 4Persons, the four horsemen have become misinformed.

The 4persons John Benko, Patrick Coffin, Donal Foley, and a fella name Rick. These might be otherwise known as the 4 horseman

The four horsemen of the apocalypse are four biblical figures who appear in the Book of Revelation. They are revealed by the unsealing of the first four of the seven seals. Each of the horsemen represents a different facet of the apocalypse: conquest, war, famine, and death.

Considering the "Unholy Trinity" John Benko, Patrick Coffin, Donal Foley, the four Horseman stem from this alliance. Benko aims to bring down the Deepertruth Kingdom, he has said that numerous times already, that is not going to happen. Benko seeks to conquest, wage war, bring famine, and death to Deepertruth. But The 4Persons is doomed to fail because Deepertruth is protected by the King of kings and Our Holy Mother Mary.

Notice the Medjugorje account is much different from the 4Persons (horsemen)?

Marinko Ivankovic, having already committed to support, defend, and protect the children in any way he could, met them at the bottom of the hill this evening, bringing with him a bottle of Holy Water. Holy Water and Holy Salt were commonly used for house blessings to protect against evil in these Catholic, Croatian homes. Vicka once said a favorite expression of her grandmother’s that she had heard often when growing up was, “He is fearful like the devil is of Holy Water!”

Some of the older women had told the visionaries to sprinkle the apparition with the water to see if it would ‘flee’.16 On this day Our Lady used a different means to attract the visionaries attention. A brilliant light flashed three times, announcing Our Lady’s arrival. Seeing the light the visionaries began bounding up the mountain, telling Marinko exactly where they were headed so he could keep up with them. They were then, followed by a multitude of children and adults. Vicka stated,

“We ran forward as though on wings. The place is all thorn and’s awful steep. But we flew like birds. We just flew. Us and the people.”17

There was a great deal of excitement and fear among the people gathered for when the light had flashed, all those present were given the grace to see it. Our Lady led the visionaries much higher up the mountain then on the previous occasions, a good 300 meters higher than before. The crowd saw the six suddenly stop and drop to their knees all at the same moment, in front of an old wooden cross. Marinko stated,

“I had taken the Holy Water from my house, to sprinkle it around the vision, in order to see what She is: whether the Madonna or the devil. However, when we had climbed up the hill, we knelt down, and I gave the Holy Water to Vicka to sprinkle.”18 “I sprinkled Her,” said Vicka, “and said in full voice: ‘If you are the Virgin, remain with us, if you are not depart from us.’ I came quite close and didn’t spare the water.” Vicka then said that Our Lady smiled. “It seemed to me that She was pleased.”19

The children said that on this day they prayed and sang in the apparition. Marinko had told Ivanka to ask the Lady why She has come. She responded,

“I have come because there are many true believers here. I wish to be with you to convert and to reconcile the whole world…

Though Our Lady had told Ivanka that her mother, who had recently died, was in Heaven with Her and happy, Ivanka still longed to know more. Vicka said that, “Because her mother had died in the hospital and no one was with her, Ivanka had wondered if she had left a message for her children. The Madonna answered,

‘…Obey your grandmother and help her because she is old.’