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The Catholic Defender: Eucharistic Miracles Sacred Hosts Decend miraculously

Book of psalms 145 (144)

I want to exalt you, my God and my King,

and bless your name for ever.

The Lord is good to all,

and his mercy extends to all creatures.

Thank you Lord for all creatures

And bless you, your believers.

Proclaim the glory of Your Kingdom

and declare your glorious deeds.

that you may show your power to the men

the glory and splendor of Your Kingdom.

Your kingdom is an eternal kingdom,

your dominion extends to all generations.

On November 24, 1994 in Naju, during the visit by Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis, the Apostolic Nuncio to Korea at that time, a large Sacred Host, already broken into two parts, came down to Julia Kim’s hands (between her fingers).  Shortly after Archbishop Bulaitis and Father Raymond Spies, Julia’s spiritual director, divided the Sacred Host and gave Communion to about 70 people in the Chapel, a small Sacred Host came down and landed on Julia’s tongue while Archbishop Bulaitis and Father Spies were holding Julia’s hands and praying with her. 

The small Sacred Host and a portion of the large Sacred Host have been preserved in a small monstrance.  In her message to Julia just before the large Sacred host came down, the Blessed Mother said that the Lord was having St. Michael the Archangel bring to Naju the (large) Eucharist from a priest in sin. 

Contrary to what is mentioned in the Kwangju Archbishop’s Declaration issued on January 1, 1998, the valid Eucharistic consecration of the large Host that was brought to Naju was never denied regardless of the priest’s sinfulness.  Archbishop Bulaitis also mentioned later that a small corner of the large Sacred Host was missing and that this meant that the celebrating priest had already finished the consecration and broke a small part of the Eucharist and put it in the chalice before the angel brought the Eucharist to Naju.

3.               On July 1, 1995, at about 3:45 a.m., while the pilgrims were praying in the Chapel in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Our Lady’s first weeping tears in Naju, seven Sacred Hosts came down from the direction of the Crucifix and forcefully landed on the altar before the Blessed Mother’s statue.  Next day, two priests and five lay people (including Julia) consumed the Sacred Hosts in obedience to the local Archbishop’s instruction. 

The Sacred Host received by Julia changed into visible flesh and blood on her tongue, which was a confirmation that the Sacred Hosts that had come down from above were not unconsecrated hosts but true Eucharist.  Later, in 2003, the blood sample taken from this Eucharistic miracle and the blood samples taken from the little rocks on the Blessed Mother’s Mountain stained with the Precious Blood that came down from above were subjected to DNA tests at the medical center of Seoul National University. 

The test results formally announced on September 8, 2003 by Dr. Jung-Bin Lee, the head of the Department of Forensic Medicine at the same university, confirmed that all the blood samples tested belonged to one same male human with blood type: AB.

4.               On July 1, 1996, during an overnight prayer meeting in the Chapel in Naju, Julia saw Jesus on the Crucifix becoming alive and bleeding from His seven Wounds and the Blood turning into seven white Sacred Hosts.  Then, the Sacred Hosts descended into Julia’s mouth.  She consumed the Sacred Hosts. 

5.               On June 12, 1997, while Bishop Paul Chang-Yeol Kim of the Cheju Diocese in Korea was visiting the Chapel and was praying with a priest, Julia, and others, a large Sacred Host suddenly came down and landed on the altar before the Blessed Mother’s statue.  After the Bishop blessed the pilgrims holding the Sacred Host in his hands, the Sacred Host was exposed in the Naju parish church for a while. 

Later on the same day, the Sacred Host was brought to the Kwangju Archdiocesan building in Kwangju by a priest.  Since then, the Kwangju Archdiocese has denied any knowledge of the whereabouts of this Sacred Host.

6.               On July 13, 1997, while Monsignor Giovanni D’Ercole from the Vatican was praying before the Blessed Mother’s statue in the Chapel in Naju, a large Sacred Host suddenly came down from the direction of the Crucifix.  The Monsignor picked up the Sacred Host, prayed for a while, and then consumed It. 

7.               On August 27, 1997, during the visit by Fr. Raymond Spies, a large Sacred Host came down again in the Chapel while Fr. Spies and others were praying the rosary before the Blessed Mother’s statue. 

This descent of the Sacred Host was recorded by the video camera, which had been installed on the sidewall of the Chapel and turned on during every important occasion.  This Sacred Host was also brought to the Kwangju Archdiocesan building by a priest at the instruction of the Archbishop, but, afterwards, the Archdiocese has denies any knowledge of its location. 

8.               On November 24, 2001, early in the morning when Julia and several volunteer helpers were doing the Stations of the Cross on the Blessed Mother’s Mountain in Naju, a Sacred Host came down and penetrated Julia’s flu mask and entered her mouth.  Photographs of the Eucharist in her mouth were taken.

9.               On January 1, 2002, when Julia and others were praying on the Blessed Mother’s Mountain in Naju, a Sacred Host came down again and entered Julia’s mouth.

10.            On January 6, 2002, the Feast of Epiphany, when Julia and the volunteer helpers were doing the Liturgy of the Word in her home, because they were not allowed to go to Mass in the parish church, a Sacred Host came down.

11.            On April 16, 2005, during the Mass celebrated by Fr. Pete Marcial from Guam in the vinyl chapel on the Blessed Mother’s Mountain, a Sacred Host came down to the floor near the altar.  On May 6, 2005, this Eucharist bled in a ciborium in the room near the Chapel in Naju where Fr. Marcial was staying.  This Eucharist is being preserved in a monstrance.

12.            On October 24, 2006, during the Mass celebrated by Fr. Kwang-Suk Suh of the Kwangju Archdiocese, a Sacred Host came down.

13.            On June 11, 2007, the day before Julia was to leave for Indonesia, a Sacred Host came down in her room, an attic in her house where Julia prays and sleeps.

14.            On June 10, 2008, a Sister found that, in the monstrance containing the Eucharist that had come down on April 16, 2005 and bled on May 6, 2005, there was another Sacred Host behind the Sacred Host that had bled.


The Blessed Mother’s message just before the large Sacred Host was brought to Julia by St. Michael the Archangel:

The Holy Eucharist is the center of all the supernatural events, but is being trampled by so many children through sacrilege, insult, and humiliation.  Therefore, my messages of love must be spread all over the world more vigorously so that the time of the Lord, Who is present in the Eucharist, and of the New Pentecost may be advanced . . .  My beloved daughter!  A certain priest living in sin was about to consume the Eucharist, but the Lord was not able to live in him and is having St. Michael the Archangel bring that Eucharist to my beloved Papal Representative and your spiritual director through you.  So, stretch out your hands.

In the above message, the Blessed Mother seems to be saying that the Eucharist is brought to Naju by the angel to alert us to the widespread grave sins of sacrilege, insult, and humiliation against the Eucharist, which is the Lord Himself, even by some priests.



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