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The Catholic Defender: Dr. Doug Phillips and his Partner Dr. Anthony Newman lost in the Time Machine

In 1964 a secret United States project spear headed by Senator Leroy Clark launched the Project Tic Toc which was a study time travel. By 1968 significant research into this project had been achieve but without much testing.

Based in Arizona, two of the main investigators, Dr. Doug Phillips and Dr. Anthony Newman volunteered to enter the Time Machine with the intent of being able to return to show the top secret system worked. President Nixon was planning to unplug the operation if this project did not pan out.

A team would be manning the instruments that would guide our volunteers moving through time and back. However, since 1968, they have been lost in this time tunnel as the have not been able to bring them back to current time. They have went back to the time of Moses, the Alamo, they have seen great events in history only to be cast down the corridor of time saving them for the next period of time.

Dr. Phillips and Newman together found themselves in the United States in 2020 just in time to observe the November 3 Election. The two men politically had been Democrats but was totally surprised how much the Party had turned to Communism, Marxism, and Socialism.

President Trump invites the two men wanting to know more about them as this top secret project had been long ago dropped from any funding. The two men tried to talk to their Democrat representatives the importance of holding on to Freedom but they were censored. Ultimately, they went to the Republicans and was able to meet with Rudy Giuliani. They told him that he should be strong in defending the Constitution.

Rudy Giuliani was last informed by Dr. Phillips that Trump will win through his merits but the two doctors vanished as they moved to another time lost in time. Rudy Giuliani has since became more convinced that in the end, President Trump will serve another 4 more years as President and will clean up the corruption that has so challenged the American Constitution.


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