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The Catholic Defender: Deepertruth Valued Member John Carpenter

At Mass this morning, I was inspired to write this blog because of the attacks coming from the Anti-Catholic John Benko who has made terrible vicious, obscene, false accusations towards John Carpenter. As the head of Deepertruth, I will not permitt such attacks on Deepertruth. John Carpenter serves on the Bishops Council and all his work has been approved within the Bishops Office. His books, research John Carpenter digintly worked out though the office of his Bishop. He has been my co-host on our "Journey With Mary" going on 9 years. In those years, we have reached almost 150 countries and countless numbers of people around the world.

Anti-Catholics such as John Benko has zero foundation in what he does. I just got home from Mass, I find the usual garbage that Benko continues to display sending all this to my wife, like John Carpenter, Benko has sent these Satanic attacks to my wife as well. Benko is a disgruntled former member of Deepertruth who abandoned it several times. All members of Deepertruth ask me not to respond to his Satanic antics. In my response to the Holy Spirit's inspiration, I wanted to respond as the head of Deepertruth that I will defend anyone who is being unfarely attacked. I did that as an Non commissioned Officer in the United States Army in standing up for my Soldiers. That is my DNA. John Benko cannot be defended. His actions are deplorable. I pray for him, his soul is at great risk.

He is not ever welcome back, ever again. After the first time, I understood that he had issues in his family and I remained supportive of him. But, the most recent time of his departure was due to his hatred of the Virgin Mary appearing at Medjugorje. While I suffered a Cerebral Hemmorage, a brain bleed, John Benko began making attacks upon me and others who were complaning of John Benko. When I was finally allowed to get on the computer and see what Benko had been doing, I promply fired him from Deepertruth. That is final and all his antics coming on my web-site will not change my decision. John Benko is banned from Deepertruth forever. Through all of this, John Carpenter has acted with great integrity not responding to the Anti-Catholic Benko nor will I. Benko wants a platform where I would debate him. Benko is fired and that will never change. If you want to see and hear the heretic, anti-Christ John Benko, you will find him at his web-site or his podcast. Nothing there worth the time to invest. He is a lost soul. Pray for him.


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