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The Catholic Defender and the Guardian Angel promoting the Greatest Relationship Jesus

This billboard is one of the best I have seen all over the country! I have had the opportunity to travel all over the United States due to my military experience reaching from the East Coast to the West Coast and everywhere in between. I truly love the design. A picture such as this says far more than a thousand words.

This is the kind of outreach needed in America today especially as many drive back and forth on highway 70 across Missouri. For many, this might be the only message for the Church people might see. It can offer hope to someone who is wanting to reach out and have been on their own for a long time.

Sometimes people might lose their way, but might be praying for a sign to guide them home. Billboards like this needs to expand across the nation. You can bet the enemy has an objective, Ours is that important.

The billboard designed is now printed and had a team put up today. Would like for each of you to pray and then if it would bless you and your family to send a donation to help this effort to Glorify Jesus, Honor Mary, and Defend His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. If anything left over, will use it for Marian Conferences, Parish Missions, and School events in the battle for souls. And right now, more than anything would like for you to Share the Billboard with me, as it was so exciting to finally get it and put it up. It is the first billboard on 65 Highway as you pass the Hospital coming into Marshall. Pray for us and help if it blesses you. To Jesus through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, GregoryMary

Together we can all make a difference that can impact a persons life that might help them grow in their faith.

Salvation has come and unfortunately many might miss it because people are not exposed to the beauty of Christ and His holy Church.

Now is the time because souls are at stake.

I encourage the Rosary as a mighty weapon to defeat the powers of darkness.


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