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The books of 2021

1. Dark night of the Soul- Saint John of the Cross

2. Diary of Saint Faustina

3. Complete Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich: Book 1 The life of Jesus Christ

4. Book 2 The life of the Blessed Mother

5. Book 3 The Dolorous passion of Jesus Christ

6. Book 4 Mysteries of The Old Testament

7. Interior Castles- Saint Teresa of Avila

8. Way of Perfection- Saint Teresa of Avila

9. Story of a Soul- Saint Therese of Lisieux

10. Bernadette Soubirous- Francois Trochu

11. Hell and it’s torments- Saint Robert Bellarmine

12. Coming Soon- Michael Barber

13. End of the Present world- Father Charles Arminjon

14. Catholic prophecy- Yves Dupont

15. The reign of the antichrist- Gerald Culleton

16. Dialogue with Catherine of Sienna

17. Autobiography of Margaret Mary Alacoque

18. Contemplative Rosary- Dan Burke and Connie Rossinni

19. The Rosary: Your weapon for Spiritual warfare- Johnette Benkovic and Thomas Sullivan

20. The Incorruptibles- Joan Carroll Cruz

21. Catechism of mental prayer- Joseph Simler

22. The Manual of Eucharistic Adoration- The Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration

23. Padre Pio- Bernard Ruffin

24. The Way of Divine Providence- Rev. Jeanne-Pierre De Cassaude

25. The Real Mary-Lynette Ordaz

26. Hungry Souls- Gerard JM Van Der Den Aardweg

27. Consecration to Saint Joseph- Father Don Calloway

28. Consecration to Jesus through Mary- Saint Louis De Montfort

29. Secret of the Rosary- Saint Louis De Montfort

30. Searching for and maintaining peace- Father Jacques Phillipe

31. Be not afraid to follow the footsteps of heaven- John Carpenter

32. The imitation of Christ- Thomas A' Kempis

33. Masaru- Michael Cibenko

34. Thoughts of the Cur d’ Ars

35. Where are our shepherds?- Dr. Gregory Thompson

36. The Way of a Pilgrim- Author unknown

37. Spiritual Warfare and the Discernment of Spirits- Dan Burke

38. The Confessions of Saint Augustine

These are the books I have read- and completed- in calendar year 2021, as of December 10th. This is a listing of books read, not a ranking.

Catch our show Friday and hear my talk about them!


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