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Sitting here by the woodstove on a cold Thanksgiving morning in Virginia

It's 5:03 AM on Thanksgiving morning and my mind is racing over a thousand things and I thought I'd try to sort them out. Apologies if it comes out as a mish-mash stream of consciousness sort of thing.

First, Thanksgiving.

As far as the day, it used to be a kind of gateway to Advent and the whole holiday season. Santa coming into Herald Square, Macy's 34th street. What a joy it was to take my kids to those places.

Football and putting up the Christmas Tree.

Now, to be honest, the day is little more than a grim reminder of how all those things have been shattered in my life. The day is dreaded and endured now rather than celebrated.

Heck, even the Cowboys and Redskins are dead in this sick 2020 Thanksgiving. It's now the Washington Football Team. If that doesn't make you want to gag....

Yes, it would be easy for me to say, that because there is suffering in my life, I don't have much to be thankful for this day. That would be wrong. Thanksgiving Day is not catholic in origin but the idea of giving thanks is a very catholic notion. The word Eucharist means to give thanks and the Eucharist is certainly the summit of our faith.

So, though this may not honestly be such a joyful day for me, I have to find ways to be thankful even for the ability to be thankful. I have to be thankful even for my trials and the good work Our Lord desires to do through them. That's the challenge of this day.

Second, the election

This is actually something to be quite thankful for because the last few days have gone really well with some great developments. Yesterday was a roughly 4 hour hearing in Pennsylvania in which multitudinous evidence was given proving voter fraud beyond any plausible doubt. For example, 1.8 million absentee ballots were sent out but 2.5 million were returned. That's a neat trick

Commonwealth Court Judge Patricia McCullough blocked the continued certification of Pennsylvania's electors for Biden. Via some combination of the legislature and the US Supreme court, Pennsylvania's electoral votes are going to go to Trump.

Hearings are also coming in Michigan, Arizona and Nevada.

Massive lawsuits have been levied against Georgia and Michigan demanding the electors be certified for Trump. The Georgia complaint was 104 pages.

It is a hurricane of evidence that no state legislature can ignore. All of these states will flip to Trump.

Donald Trump will serve a second term.

Third, Deeper Truth.

For reasons that are at least partly therapeutic, I am trying to help Don do some major upgrades to Deeper Truth. These changes are to include changes to the site itself, social media and the shows. We intend to ask many of you for help according to your unique skills.

One of the exciting projects is to have a Deeper Truth show page to catalogue and save some of our best shows.

Right now, on the blog page, you can follow my twitter feed and the blog's to keep up with DTB stuff and the election.

It looks like Don and I may be going back to our roots with the Friday shows. Stay tuned.

Fourth, Coffee kicking in.

Life is good. God is good.


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