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Salvation History - OT

The Covenants of the Old Testament

Adam and Eve a Covenant of Marriage

Noah, a family Covenant (Rainbow as the sign)

The Patriarchs

Abraham - Father of faith and works

In the beginning, a Tribal Covenant

Abraham believed God

The Lord will provide

God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel)

Moses the Deliverer

Let my people go, the Passover

40 Years in the Wilderness

The Ten Commandments, the Ark of the Covenant

Joshua leads to Promise Land, a National Covenant and the time of the Judges

David and Solomon

A Kingdom Covenant and David's dance

A dynasty of Kings

The Royal Steward and the keys

The building of the Temple

Elijah and Elisha

Prophets of God and men

Elijah and the dueling deities and the seven times "his servant, Go up and look out to sea.”

Elijah and the double portion

He has spoken through the Prophets

"The New Testament is in the old concealed; the Old Testament is in the new revealed" St. Augustine



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