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More Catholic than the Pope

When you have an institution coming up on it's 2,000 birthday, you are bound to see some of the old arguments come around the bend again. In Sedevacantism, that's what we see and it's the age old sin of pride- as old as the Devil himself.

Sedevacantism (meaning the vacant seat) is the rather bizarre belief that we have now had 4 or 5 consecutive invalidly elected popes and that the reality is that the Chair of Peter is currently unoccupied. This bizarre belief system has no serious basis in fact but is the result of a series of conjectures chain-braided together to form a kind of this-that-therefore argument Pope Francis, and at least 3 of his predecessors were frauds.

It's one of the strangest conspiracy theories going and it basically boils down to extreme discontent with the reforms (or perceived reforms) of Vatican 2.

A brief summation of the most common objections.

  1. It is believed that the perceived softening of the church's position, that no one outside the Catholic church can be saved, is heretical. This doctrine of Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus has always taken into consideration the vincibility of the person's ignorance. Vatican 2 posits that for persons so far removed from the protestant revolt, full knowledge (and thus culpability) could be greatly diminished.

  2. The reforms of the Mass and the development of the ordinary form (Novus Ordo) which a much greater emphasis on the local language and less on Latin and other changes such as the Priest facing the congregation. Many do not like changing tradition. Thus, the church has accommodated these folks by continuing to offer the old Latin Mass in many places and times. It is arguably a more beautiful Mass and if people prefer it, God bless them. However, some argue that the Novus Ordo is an invalid Mass with an invalid consecration. This is bunk.

In order to foist these claims on uninformed Catholics, many false prophets and fanatics have popped up making false claims. Some have used a quote falsely attributed to Our Lady of La Salette and the heretical rantings of false prophet Maria Divine Mercy to even cast our current Pope as a false prophet or even as an Antichrist.

This claims are so absurd as to be loopy.

This Pope is calumniated seemingly on a daily basis with people claiming he has said all kinds of crazy things such as there is no hell, approval for gay marriages/unions and all manner of other nonsense.

We remind you all of the words of Matthew and Luke. "What you bind on earth is bound in heaven" and "He who hears you, hears Me". Any Catholic rejecting the papacy of Francis is a Schismatic and no Catholic at all. Any Catholic refusing to accept Vatican 2 as binding is a formal heretic and-again- not a Catholic in any true sense of the word.

Meanwhile, some great resources we'd like to recommend on this subject:


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