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Deepertruth Responds to the UNTRUTHS of The 4 Persons. I Continue to pray the Rosary for Benko

My Response to John Benko The Bully Of the Internet I will continue to pray for John Benko. May God have Mercy on his Soul

Terry Delp gave us this conversion story on another Blog Talk radio show (Deepertruth Radio) that I (co-founded with the Catholic Defender.. The edit is choppy and I apologize for that. Myself, Terry and 2 other important members of that apostolate left because it had completely fallen into heresy and schism and irrationality. Only 1 legitimate Catholic remains and I am certain that he will eventually join us. My separation from this group was angry and bitter and I said some very colorful and uncharitable things that I have had to repent of. Welcome to the human condition.

Because of his "colorful and uncharitable things (pervertd language I will not tolerate). I fired John Benko forever from Deepertruth for his action. Now he intices others to pick up and follow him. I have never once went to Benko's hall of shame. Until I saw The 4 Persons on Terry Delp's Facebook Page. I was hoping mayby Benko might have been working his way back in finding himself. It only took me a second to see he has not repented for his action. He has not apologized for all he did. He should never appear on another Christian show ever again. Those who have left Deepertruth following the Bully of the Internet who has vowed to destroy Deepertruth. That will not happen. I am protected by Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the Saints.

Nevertheless, we had to leave because this group has gone off the deep end of sanity and heresy. The Office of our Archbishop refered to Benko as the real heretic. Benko had been quite for a long time until I looked at his podcast write up. Our Parish Priest read some of Benkos prpaganda and asked me about it. I told him that Benko is acting like a disgruntled employee who has been fired.

John Benko fell away from Deepertruth because of family issues and problems. Nobody stood by John Benkos side more that I did. Deepertruth continues to be dedecated to Christ. Benko's criticism does not stand up to scruitiny. Benko forgets that when he left, he gave it all up leaving it all to me. I tried for 11 years to get him to come back. Now I regret that he ever did come back. What was once a brother has become an enemy. Our Lord wants us to pray for our enemies.

All of Deepertruth are solid Catholics. One example I left in was the testimony of one Judy Alciatore. Judy was, by any measure, a devout and wonderful person. She died a few months after this show. With full reverence to the required and appropriate respect for the deceased, for this show to openly claim that God personaly dictated poetry to this lady is exactly the kind of loopy claim that has made this apostolate crash and burn in the ratings, made our entire church look like a laughing stock and provided validation to the caricature by anti-catholics that we believe in everyone who claims a vision.

John Benko himself refered to Judy Alciatore as a holy person when she died.

Pope John Paul II: "Medjugorje is a continuation, an extended hand of Fatima, Our Lady appears in communist countries primarily because of problems originating in Russia" He began to read several passages and pointed out that Medjugorje's messages are close to those of Fatima.

Cardinal Puljic, a member of the international investigative Commission since it was formed in 2010, says that a “verdict” from Pope Francis on the case of Medjugorje can be expected later this year.

The Medjuogroje Commission was initiated by Pope Benedict XVI almost four years ago, on March 17, 2010. He entrusted the work to Cardinal Camilio Ruini (in the foreground).

“The Commission has submitted the results of our work to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith,” Puljic said. “We worked on this for four years as an international Commission. The Congregation will consider our findings and make a proposal to the Pope, and then the Pope will decide how to handle it. This year we can expect the final word from the Holy Father.” The cardinal said pilgrims are still free to visit Medjugorje, upholding what has been the status quo since the bishops of then-Yugoslavia decided to allow visits in April 1991.

“The Commission is not opposed to Medjugorje as a place of faith where faithful pilgrims gather,” Cardinal Puljic said.

The Medjugorje inquiry commission was set up in March 2010 under the direction of an Italian cardinal, Camillo Ruini, who for many years was the vicar of Pope John Paul II for the city of Rome. Fr. Federico Lombardi in mid-January confirmed that the commission had held its last meeting and the results of the inquiry would now be examined by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith under Prefect Archbishop Gerhard Müller.

The material includes interviews with the six seers and other witnesses, expert reports, and theological reflections on the messages. The report will now be studied alongside other documentation the Congregation has gathered over the course of the years.

According to Vatican Insider, the Commission focused on the first phase of apparitions to determine if there was evidence of any tricks, hoaxes or abuse of popular credulity. No such evidence was found.

However, it is proving difficult for the Church to form a definitive verdict on the supernatural nature of a phenomenon that is still ongoing.

Cardinal Vinko Puljic of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Of the six seers who reported apparitions in June 1981, when they were still children or in their teens, three claim that they still see daily apparitions of the “Queen of Peace” at the same time every afternoon, wherever they happen to be. These seers are: Vicka (who lives in Medjugorje), Marija (who lives in Monza, Italy) and Ivan (who lives in the US but returns to his homeland often). A fourth seer, Mirjana, sees an apparition on the second day of each month. This week, Terry and I are both having to work excessive overtime at our full-time jobs which makes a live Sunday show impossible. Still, hearing his story will inspire you and show you why we are so excited by the mission of "taking it to the streets"

I'm taking this sneak attack by Benko and respond that I will continue to remember him in the Rosary

Here are the most recent Deepertruth prodcasts Benko and those he misrepresents. BTW Dr. Gregory Thompson will not Join Benko

Rome’s exorcist finding John Paul II effective against Satan

Rome, Italy, May 17, 2011 / 13:27 pm

The chief exorcist of Rome is seeing a rising number of young people coming under the influence of evil, but he has found in recent years that Blessed John Paul II is a powerful intercessor in the battle for souls.

A small, unassuming office in south-west Rome seems a rather ordinary setting in which to play out a grand battle between good and evil. It is here, though, that Father Gabriele Amorth has carried out most of his 70,000 exorcisms over the past 26 years.

"The world must know that Satan exists," he told CNA recently. "The devil and demons are many and they have two powers, the ordinary and the extraordinary."

The 86-year-old Italian priest of the Society of St. Paul and official exorcist for the Diocese of Rome explained the difference.

The Catholic Defender: Saint Adalbert of Prague

The Chaplet of The Divine Mercy Novena Seventh Day:

The Catholic Defender:The Chaplet of The Divine Mercy Novena Sixth Day:

Saint Conrad of Piacenza “Miracle of the Bread”

The Chaplet of The Divine Mercy Novena Fifth Day: And St. Catherine of Siena

Saint Anselm Doctor of the Church

St. Gianna Beretta Molla (A woman of exceptional love)

In the following Video, Carmon represents a Deepertruth Member and Benko represents the challenger

the Bully of the internet

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