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The Catholic Defender: The Comparison Between President Trump and Biden

1. President Trump has brought the United States to energy independence, in fact, the United States has become the leading export of Fossil fluids. During the Trump Presidency, clean air, water, the environment has greatly improved.

Joe Biden promises to invest in the "Green New Deal" calling for "Trillions' of dollars doing away with Fossil Fluids. This is expected to cost as high as 94 Trillion Dollars breaking America. From doing away with airplanes and cows to outlawing fracking and off shore drilling, this would bring us back into the stone age.

2. President Trump fostered in the greatest economic boom in history through deregulation and lowering of taxes. Many jobs came back from all over the world as opportunities began from major industries.

Joe Biden promises to turn back the Trump tax cuts and place regulations that will bring back the slow rate GDP of the Obama/Biden years which averaged under .2%.

3. President Trump within less than one term has closed most of the Southern Border to the United States through the continued building of the Wall and Mexico posting 25,000 military to stop the caravans. This has prevented many of the illegals from coming to America, it has helped stop illegal drugs and human trafficking to enter in our country.

Joe Biden is for open borders wanting to give free health care to illegal Aliens, drugs and human trafficking are merely human collateral damages. He supports sanctuary cities that has hurt the legal immigration population. Biden also offers drivers license, free health care to include the restoration of Obamacare. He would tear down the Wall.

4. President Trump has been the President of law and order, he supports the police and lifts them up whenever he can. This is a major part of his platform.

Joe Biden is caught up with the far left cry to defund the police. He voices the need to "redirect" police budgets that will cripple the police opportunity to help keep the public safe.

5. President Trump will defund Planned Parenthood and stop the vast abortion ring where the killing is the hottest in America and the world. This has been a major part of his platform.

Joe Biden would not only support Planned Parenthood, he would also restore abortion in the world through the American tax payer. He would turn back the Hyde Amendment that protects Christian Hospitals and Medical Professionals from having to participate killing unborn children.

6. President Trump calls for America First, bringing the American value of hard work, responsibility, and love of country to the forefront. He supports our American Flag, National Anthem, against all comers including the NFL.

Joe Biden is a globalist who places American sovereignty under a world system of Socialism, Communism, Marxism that drys up the American way of life.

7. President Trump defends the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. This has been a major part of his platform.

Joe Biden promises to confiscate American's legally bought guns placing Robert ("Beto") O'Rourke in leading the anti-gun movement.

8. President Trump defeated ISIS and has chipped away knocking off major terrorist affecting the Middle East.

Joe Biden would cow down to those who threaten America primarily China. His family has been enriched by Bidens political career. Obama/Biden were soft on ISIS calling them JV? When Trump took Office, the Cali-fate was in full swing.

9. President Trump defends the 1st Amendment Freedom of Religion in our culture and history, the Constitution.

Joe Biden has taken a radical view that caters to the Secularist, the anti-Religious pushing for Gay Marriage and is inclusive to extra (none) biblical teaching on family.

10. President Trump first stopped China from sending passengers to America with the intent to prevent the coronavirus from exploding here. He also closed the border to Europe as well because how hard they were hit in the beginning.

Joe Biden followed along with the media and the Democrats in opposing President Trump until the science became evident. Biden and the Democrats tried to turn the blame back on President Trump which explains the current 56% negative rate from the public with the negative media.

Through all of this, the media has sought to cover and protect Joe Biden to keep him in his basement free from peoples observations. Despite President Trump working to save many lives from the coronavirus, 56% polled were dis-satisfied with President Trump.

Consider the fact that the mainline news organizations have gone out against this President with a 95% negative reporting rate. Could you imagine how different things would be if President Trump had an honest Press? The Democrats have been opposed to anything the President puts forth, that is why they do not deserve any credit for anything.

The most important voice is you, the American people who are Registered to vote. Through your vote we can change the world. Every vote counts. I tried to present in the simplest way why President Trump should have another four years. It is so important for the future of this nation that he is voted in.

Each topic I present could be expanded to books as there are a lot of information. But with this writing I hope to present why Joe Biden should lose as well as the House and the Senate. We need it all this time around.

Dear Lord, During this time of fear, uncertainty, and stress, please grant President Trump and his task force the courage and steadfastness to tirelessly continue in their war against coronavirus. Be by their side and protect them so they may protect us. Help to calm all Americans and the world as we place our trust in You. Take our hands and walk this difficult journey with us. Amen.

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