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The Catholic Defender: Exposing the Hypocrisy of the Liberal Left

One morning at Fort Hood Texas in January 2008, I was in line to send a care package to one of our Sons who was deployed in Iraq. We both were in Kuwait as he was coming as I was going!

I had recently returned home from a from Iraq and really grateful to be home. It means a lot to receive such care packages from loved ones.

While I was at the Fort Hood bank where I could send the package. I was in line hearing other people talking among themselves about the cares of the day. Some being cordial talking about all kinds of things.

At one point two ladies began talking about Abortion, one opposed and one for it. Being myself I could not help getting involved in that discussion as I was right in front of them in line. I started out giving a short story that took place when I was about 10 or 11 years old.

My parents bought a small farm in Southern Missouri buying hogs, cattle, horses, chickens and I was the principle care taker of the animals. A portion of our property we had built lots to place the hogs when they were going to have a liter of piglets. Sometimes if they were out in the field, that can be dangerous as the mother sows can be very protective and when their piglets squeal, that get's there attention. I would have to be a fast runner to catch them and lead them into a coral.

Sometimes the mother sow might eat her piglets, I never knew why but in order to save them, I would try to save what I can. On one occasion, this mother sow injured one of her piglets I tried to save but there were a lot of injuries sustained on it. My uncle gave me a hammer and told me I had to finish killing the piglet which I did not want to do. I was hoping I could save it. But my uncle knowing the situation and seeing the little piglet told me it was suffering.

I took the hammer and hit it on the head as it began to squeal to get away. It couldn't because of the injuries it sustained from it's mother. I hit the piglet another two times before it was dead. It's no wonder that I would take the name Francis at my Confirmation because I have a heart for animals.

I made my point to the lady who supported Abortion and I told her that I could never understand how a so called doctor could take the life of a pre-born child. It's one thing to kill an animal, especially one that is injured, but it is another thing to kill an innocent healthy child.

I was amazed that the woman who supported Abortion had more compassion for the piglet I had to kill than she does for the pre-born child. This lady then became very upset that I totally exposed her hypocrisy. She got so upset that she was compelled to leave. Others in line kind of looked at me and watched the whole scene. During the whole time I kept my composure and never showed any sign of being upset. I had the truth on my side. The other lady who was opposed to Abortion was very happy with my position and story. Her point to me was that the pro-abortion lady acted guilty.

A good friend Eric Genius, visited me at my home in Copperas Cove TX before conducting a fantastic concert for our Troops on Fort Hood. He was sharing the success of saving many children when the mothers see an ultra-sound picture of their pre-born child. It was about a 90 plus percent success rate and a major reason Planned Parenthood does not want to comply with ensuring mothers seeing their pre-born children. They are in the business of killing such children.

Like Eric Genius, I fully encourage the pro-life movement to make these ultra-sound opportunities more available. Especially in the pro-life clinics that mothers do go in sometimes thinking about getting an Abortion. Information is always good to hand out, but it is very important to humanize the pre-born child for the mother whom Planned Parenthood tries to dehumanize.

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