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The Catholic Defender: Flake the Snake

The past few weeks since President Trump nominated Judge Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court the Democrats have been employing every trick coming from their play-book.

Initially, it did not matter who President Trump nominated, the Democrats were going to oppose who ever it would be. Now that we know the Nominee was Judge Kavanaugh, the Democrats through the aid of far-Left monies coming from Liberal organizations, have put on a campaign to destroy Trump's Nominee.

Watching the Senate Committee on television during the Judge Kavanaugh confirmation for the Supreme Court, the spectacle of protesters along with the Democratic Senators who never really gave the Nominee any chance to be on the Court. It became a smear campaign.

During this time, beginning in July, Senator Feinstein was given a letter coming from a Dr. Christine Ford who was accusing Judge Kavanaugh of attempted rape. This information was held secret until the appropriate opportunity when it looked like the Republicans were going to be able to seat Judge Kavanaugh as early as October 1.

However, the Democrats agenda was to attempt to stall the process from moving forward. Collectively the Democrats were calling for an FBI investigation (which would be a seventh such investigation of Judge Kavanaugh) concerning Dr. Ford's accusation along with added other women making accusations. Senator Flake was one of three Republican Senators who were sitting on the fence about voting yes or no.

The Senate floor vote was postponed as Senator Flake wanted to give a hearing to the women who were making the accusations (remember the Democrats had for six weeks not shared anything about Dr. Ford). For two weeks the Democrats continued to push stalling the Kavanaugh Confirmation.

Finally, an agreed opportunity was given to Dr. Christine Ford and Judge Kavanaugh who gave their positions before the Committee and this again was an attack on the good Judge who gave a great defense for his name. Senator Flake made the commitment to vote for Judge Kavanaugh until he had his elevator experience.

Democrat demonstrators gained up on poor Senator Flake who used the opportunity to join in with the Democrats who was wanting to delay the confirmation. The Democrats hope is that a delay will block not only Judge Kavanaugh's nomination, but any other Trump future nomination believing they can win back the Senate and the House of Representatives in November.

Senator Flake knows that Judge Kavanaugh is innocent of the accusations yet his snake in the grass actions go back to his hatred of President Trump and the intent to derail any Trump victory. As a result, many conservatives see Senator Flake as "Flake the Snake" because he has allowed his disdain for President Trump to interfere and hurt the American People.

Senator Flake enjoying his actions told a small crowd "feel free to join me on an elevator anytime" which would continue to join the Democrats in their delay tactics.

Snakes in the grass can be very dangerous when we place our trust in them. The Republican Party has been plagued with a lot of these snakes in the grass.

President Trump would call them "Swamp Monsters" that are becoming more identified as the result of "Draining the Swamp". My hope is that the Kananaugh confirmation vote will happen this coming week despite any more false accusations that might come about with this latest delay. The Democrats want to resist and they do not need help coming from these snakes in the grass.

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