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The Catholic Defender: The Mueller Investigation Moving into the Future

The Mueller investigation has entered into it's second year investigating the Trump Campaign looking for a means to undo a valid election. Based from the findings of the recent FBI IG report, the bias against the Trump Campaign looking for Russian Collusion is evident. It is evident that the FBI at it's most highest level of authority, worked to ensure Hillary Clinton's presidential run, while at the next breath worked to derail the President Trump victory.

The Trump campaign has given the Mueller investigating team of anti-Trump pro-Hillary lawyers over a million pages of information cooperating 100% to show their innocence in a 90 day period. Interestingly, the DOJ and the FBI have failed to comply with the subpoenas coming from Congress concerning the requested evidence that the FBI had as many as five spies planted in the Trump Campaign to implant Russian interference. This despite the DOJ and the FBI have had over a year to comply but refuse to do so.

The Democrat Party and the Left Wing Media have been night and day pushing this Russia Collusion story the past year and a half while at the same time lost sight of what the Trump Administration was successfully doing. President Trump has totally changed the direction America had been on fixing many of the problems America faced. The unemployment rate down to 3.8% which we have not scene since 1969 over 40 years ago. Judges being placed on the Supreme Court and the lower courts have made a huge difference. Now that Justice Kennedy is retiring, the Democrats are beginning to wake up.

The threat that Roe V Wade could be overturned has kind of replaced the Russian Collusion concern for the moment. The past week the Left was trying to make an issue at the Southern border with Mexico because of illegal aliens being separated from their children. The Democrats want open borders and wants to do away with ICE that enforces our policy to send illegals home.

Watching the recent Congressional hearings where the DOJ and the FBI were called to the carpet why they have not complied with the subpoenas and it was at times hotly contested. The House of Representatives did place a floor vote to give the DOJ and the FBI a week to comply or more will be done to get the documentation requested.

I couldn't help thinking as I watched this taking place that as we enter into President Trump's seventh year, the Mueller Investigation continues to look for any law they can find that they believe is out there somewhere? They feel they got to just keep looking? After all, there is no way that President Trump could have possibly have won because of their interference, it appears that is their mindset.

After seven years and over $500,000,000 spent the pundits are sure that there is something they can still get on the Trump Administration. Maybe even Rip Van Winkle might awaken before this investigation ends.

Trey Gowdy challenged Rod Rosenstein at the latest Congressional Hearing:

“If you have evidence of wrongdoing by any member of the Trump campaign, present it to the damn grand jury. If you have evidence that this president acted inappropriately, present it to the American people….Whatever you got, finish it the hell up. Right now this country is being torn apart.”

As we continue to watch the daily grind that has become our politics, it is important to hold fast what we believe. We are pro-life from conception to natural death, we are pro-faith believing in the freedom of Religion, we believe in smaller Government and draining the swamp, we believe Justices should rule on the Constitution and not legislating from the bench, we believe in patriotism, to stand for the American Flag, honor our Troops and our National Anthem at sporting events.

We believe it is time to end the Mueller Investigation which was set up on fraudulent grounds by a corrupt system developed to circumvent a valid election.

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