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The Catholic Defender: My Challenge to a Never Trumper

Recently, I received a phone call from a representative of Direct TV who was calling to see if I was interested in buying in to more TV channels. We began looking into my account and in the process I struck up a conversation with her.

I discovered that the lady was a minority who hated President Donald Trump. I decided to have some fun with her. I asked her how she could have the bias against President Trump that she does.

At first she was kind of standoffish not giving a real reason why she opposed President Trump. I quickly began to see her bias was the fruit of her environment. I could relate to this because my own Mother for many years could not bring herself to support a Republican as she was culturally a Democrat as well.

Somehow I broke free of this kind of foolishness as I became issue orientated as opposed to holding on to a loyalty to any political party. In other words, I was not simply a gun for hire, I held to principles that mattered to me based on faith. I'm pro-life and believe in traditional marriage and family life. I also hold sway to conservative values across the board.

I began to challenge the lady for as long as she was game. This lady turned out to be an African American so I simply asked her about our country doing better economically for a generation. We have to go back to 1969 to see the 3.9 unemployment Stat as we have today.

The Lady said she did not know this and would have to check into it. I responded that we have the best economic news relating to Blacks and Hispanics ever recorded. That women are doing better nationally than anytime in the last 19-20 years. With this information I quickly had the lady's attention.

My next issue I brought up was on the Military and Veterans. How we have practically defeated Isis and their caliphate State, that we are on the right road supporting our Veterans, standing up against Iran obtaining a nuclear bomb, bringing North Korea to the table, recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. By this time the lady was showing signs of cracking because she was not aware of all this.

Knowing my time was short as I was picking up a couple of my Grandchildren from school, I asked my caller if she had seen President Trump's honoring of the Police Officers who had been killed in the line of duty and their families. She had not at this time.

I was amazed that this lady was hanging on as she was listening to my points I was making regarding the reasons why we are doing much better as a Nation because of President Trump's policies. Unfortunately, my encounter with the Lady is typical when speaking with a "NeverTrumper".

Some of them are "agenda driven and not truth driven" but many more really do not have a clue as their environment and surroundings play a formative role how they think. Bias can be a learned trait that is as deep within the mind as sin itself. It can be so entrenched that to overcome such bias would take a miracle.

After talking to the Lady for nearly 20 minutes, I took from it that anyone can change their mind when they are faced with the obvious truth. In the beginning when I decided to jump on the TrumpTrain, I was challenged by close friends, people I love as Brothers, but their hatred for Trump threw them into Hillary's camp. I found it to be an unbelievable situation.

At the end of the phone call, the Lady told me that she will certainly check into what we discussed which at the least told me she was no longer a NeverTrumper as she was willing to think about it. Speaking of the Black Community, if President Trump gets 20 plus percent of the black vote, the Democrats are done.

Since then it has always been a great blessing to share why I support President Donald Trump. Many times I will give my proud boast:

I'm Donald T. Hartley Army retired nearly 27 years from the slopes of Texas, the hills of Alabama, and now the plains of Kansas. I'm half-horse, half-alligator, and just a little touch of snapping turtle. I can wade the Mississippi, leap the Ohio and ride a streak of lightning. I can whip my weight in wild cat, hug a bear too close for comfort, I got the prettiest wife from the great State of Alabama and the ugliest dog from the State of Arkansas and I can beat any man alive opposed to President Donald J. Trump!

Through our Monday Night Radio Show on Deepertruth Radio, "The Battle For the Congress" it is our hope that we can stop the "Blue Wave" and prevent the Democrats from retaking the Congress. Should they do so, Planned Parenthood would breath a sigh of relief, the attack of religious freedom would resume, and our economy will return to the Obama years.

Pray for the United States of America as the Swamp is fighting to keep their murky dark corruption in power. God bless America!

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