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The Catholic Defender: Liberals Boycott Laura Ingraham Due To Hogg's Call

Liberals are notorious for attacking Conservative speakers preventing them to have a voice on College campuses all over America. We see Liberals going after radio shows like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh with virtually no success. They have attacked Sean Hannity a number of times going after advertisers trying to get Sean off the air.

Recently, Laura Ingraham has been placed on a hit list because she has spoken out against the political agenda of David Hogg who has been a leading voice box for the Liberal left wanting to impose gun control on America. Hogg's constant attacks on the NRA and legal gun ownership has sparked a debate all across America.

David Hogg has placed himself as a voice box for the Liberal Left and it is on this ground that Laura Ingraham has responded to him. Laura has many times showed compassion for the High School Children affected by the mass murder at their school.

If you follow David Hogg and his circle of associates, they are on a political crusade which would not affect future problems because taking guns out of law abiding citizens will not stop those who have criminal intent. The media and David Hogg has not really acknowledged the success of a Police Officer stopping a shooter at another school because he had a gun.

I will state publicly that the murders in the Parkland School was due to several breakdowns beginning with the FBI, the local police, and the cowardly action of the Officer at the school who did not stop the killing. The media conveniently minimizes this fact opting to promote their anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment agenda. Hence David Hogg's celebrity with the media.

Laura Ingraham has been a leading defender for the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment for legal gun owners. Some of the Liberal advertisers threatening Laura's show on Fox News are as follows:

Nestle US, Hulu, Nutrish, Trip Advisor, Expedia, Wayfair, and Johnson & Johnson to name a few. It is my hope that more people who support the 2nd Amendment for law abiding citizens will support Laura. Ingraham. Laura is a devout Catholic, a convert, who has a love for the Lord. She also has a love for our Country and stands for Conservative values defending against the far left's expansion against freedom.

I plan to call these advertisers and let them know that I am a consumer and I care that they oppose Conservative speakers and personalities and their supporting Liberal agendas.

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