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The Catholic Defender: President Trump is 100% Correct in placing the Dreamers in the hands of Congr

The past few days, I have heard a lot of media criticism of President Trump's call for Congress to fix our Immigration Policy to include the Dreamers who were brought to America illegally.

Congress has six months to solve the problem for all Americans. I believe that President Trump is right on the money forcing the Congress to do their job in regards to immigration.

I know that the mainline media will never give President Trump any positive reporting because of their bias against conservatives, Christians, and Republicans in general. I think that Americans are waking up to what has been going on since the Election of President Trump. The media's attempt to be the opposing party, or at least their spokesmen.

I wrote the following on July 30, 2011 (American Nomads) while studying at Central Texas College:

In researching a report, I was preparing to take a look at an art exhibit held at our local college (Central Texas College, CTC). I went there with the intent of picking up some "extra credit" and in doing so, I came away with much more. I have always held to a strong conservative position supporting legal immigration, but I was never fully aware of the problems many face. I never have been around those in America who find themselves caught in the middle who have no homeland. They are not accepted as legal anywhere.

The Artist of the display is Lupita Murillo Tinnen who is an art teacher at a nearby college. Ms. Tinnen was born to Mexican immigrants and was raised in an "undocumented culture" in America. She knows first hand what it is for many who have been brought to the United States as a child who are not citizens. I arrived to the exhibit considerably early and had the chance to talk with Ms. Tinnen to some great extent. I personally have strong feelings that the will of the American people must be to control our borders with Mexico. At this point the illegal immigrants who come into the United States seem to have little barriers many bringing drugs, guns and violence.

We must change the public will to get our Government to fix this problem. Until we can fix this problem, what do we do with those among us who were raised here all their lives (through no fault of their own). Ms. Tinnen's display focuses on pictures she has taken of some of her students who come to her seeking help. Because of the passion that Ms. Tinnen has for this problem, she is a strong proponent for the "Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors" (DREAM) Act. This is a bipartisan proposal intended to help these "undocumented workers" who went through the public school system and have graduated college with a degree. There are no easy solutions. I feel there should be a distinction from someone who came into America illegally, however, there is room for recognizing situations that warrant special consideration. Arizona for the past three years have been trying to get the Federal Government to do their job in fixing the problem with the border of Mexico. Phoenix Arizona has a huge problem with violence and kidnapping much of it due to illegal immigrants.

These non-desirable who are criminals should be either placed in jail or sent back to Mexico or where ever they come from. The problem with the latter is these criminals find it easy to come back with little hindrance. Many Americans traditionally group all of the "undocumented culture" as one large class of people. This is a position that I was not aware of until this event. As an American, I welcome "legal" immigrants who come to our Country. However, they must learn English, they must learn American history. I cringe every time I have a recorded message telling me to choose 1 for English or 2 for Spanish! What I am hearing taking place in American schools in Arizona where students are being taught anti-American rhetoric is highly upsetting. If there is going to be a positive outcome for many of these people raised in America, they must accept American principles and culture.

I feel that for many of these people, whom Ms Tinnen is representing, they should be able to apply for citizenship as anyone in the world can. This is a very long process that can take years. One of my Soldiers wounded in Iraq was born in Brazil and I was able to help him through the process legally and today he is a U.S. citizen. Can some of these students who are seeking to be Americans be fast-tracked in this process? I do not recommend this because of the legality of it.

It is not right that those who have sought the right process to be placed behind those taking advantage of the process. Those who have been model people living in this country all their lives? I will keep an open mind towards those who are model good citizens.

In the meantime, President Trump has placed the problem right where it needs to be! The Congress!

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