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The Catholic Defender: Celebrate the Living Rosary

On 30 April 2017, on the Journey with Mary episode live on Deepertruth Radio, John Carpenter, Judy Alciatore and I were discussing the events that took place in Pompeii, Italy when the Virgin Mary appeared to a former Satanic Priest Bartolo Longon. This was his response:

I thought that perhaps as the priesthood of Christ is for eternity, so also the priesthood of Satan is for eternity. So, despite my repentance, I thought that I was still consecrated to Satan, and that I am still his slave and property as he awaits me in Hell. As I pondered over my condition, I experienced a deep sense of despair and almost committed suicide. Then I heard an echo in my ear of the voice of Friar Alberto repeating the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary:

"One who propagates my Rosary shall be saved." These words certainly brought an illumination to my soul. Falling to my knees, I exclaimed: "If your words are true that he who propagates your Rosary will be saved, I shall reach salvation because I shall not leave this earth without propagating your Rosary." Like an answer to my promise, the little bell of the parish church of Pompeii rang out, inviting the people to pray the Angelus. This incident was like a signature to my firm decision."

During the show "Deepertruth: 'Journey with Mary' -- Pompeii, Italy 1884" John Carpenter reported that Bl Barton Longon (Pope St. John Paul II beatified Blessed on October 20, 1980) was titled "Man of the Rosary" and "Apostle of the Rosary". I began thinking of promoting the Rosary that could potentially reach many to include the young.

I recalled how "Judgement House", an alternative to the popular "Horror House" on Halloween, became popular among Christians.

I began looking at what it would be like to have a place where families could see each Mystery enacted before praying the decade.

To make the Mystery come alive and ideas just kept coming.

Ideas kept coming about building a place like Silver Dollar City or like Dogpatch USA where the theme would be the Rosary. There is so much that could be added, scenes where the Virgin Mary first gave the Modern Rosary to St. Dominic. This would be a huge undertaking.

Judy Alciatore was motivated to add:

"Ladies and Gentlemen...Boys and Girls.....Thank you for being here and welcome...This is a new experience and we hope you will find the joy and truth of the New Testament...Come with us and Celebrate the Living Rosary."

Brainstorming the idea reminds me that we are at the very beginning of a great idea.

The logistics is really daunting, where would we get the actors at each station (Mystery)?

How large of property would we need?

Will this be outdoors or will we have indoor facilities?

Would we have opportunities for food and drink? Would the Church support something like this if this went national? The site could also be made a place to see great Catholic artists like John Michael Talbot, Donna Lee, Eric Genius, Nick Alexander, Matt Maher and many more.

Certainly, this would make for a great place of pilgrimage if it was done right always maintaining the integrity of prayer added with good reenactments and the offering of good teaching. If the Virgin Mary can influence a former Satanic Priest to fall in love with her Rosary, imagine what we could do.

Right now "Rosary Land" is still only in "Dream Land" but the idea really does excite my imagination, but mostly how this would please Our Lord and Our Lady as this would be for their honor in promoting the Rosary in a powerful way.

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