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The Catholic Defender: The DeeperTruth Presidential Voters Guide

Donald Trump is the Pro-life Candidate in this election, Hillary Clinton supports Partial Birth Abortion even to the time of live birth. She also will undo the Hyde Amendment which gives Medical Professionals the moral choice of not participating in Abortion. Hillary believes that Abortion is a woman's right and positions herself against the Catholic Faith.

Donald Trump is for Religious Freedom and will defend our Christian foundations, Hillary Clinton will attempt to force the Church into submission to the Progressive movement that supports Gay Marriage and the Gay Agenda. Clinton states that the Church will have to modify it's believe system to appease the Progressive Agenda. Donald Trump has enlisted many Catholic and Evangelical advisers which is very important and has placed great faithful Catholics like Kelly Anne Conway.

Donald Trump will appoint Judicial Supreme Court Justices that will defend the Constitution, Hillary Clinton will appoint Justices that have her Progressive Agenda. Hillary Clinton will continue the onslaught against our Christian foundations.

Donald Trump will build back our Military and support our Veterans. Hillary Clinton will continue the downward spiral of the Obama Administration of our Military, even at a time when Russia and China are building up. Hillary will continue the bad agreement made with Iran giving them a pathway to nuclear weapons.

Donald Trump will stop the Syrian Refugee Trojan Horse, Hillary Clinton will advance the Muslim invasion by 550% over the many thousands Obama has brought in. ISIS plans to infiltrate the "Refugees".

Immigration,Hillary is for an open border promising to foreign banks access to America.

American sovereignty is gravely being challenged. The affect of this is horrendous. This is a major reason Donald Trump has the endorsement of the Border Patrol and ICE who have to handle illegal immigration. Their hands have been tied for a long time under Obama and would be very minimal under a Clinton Presidency.

Safety, Hillary supports a 550% increase of Syrian "refugees" to come to America which will place many Americans at risk throughout the Country. Donald Trump and I both call this a "Trojan Horse"as there is no way to vet them. Hillary would become the "Angela Merkel" who allowed so much of the Islamic invasion to enter Germany that their culture is all but gone. The "refugees" average between 18 and 34, 75% being well conditioned men ready for orders.

Where are the Syrian Christians who are the blunt of the ISIS persecution? Obama has allowed a handful of Christians compared to the 10's of thousands of Muslims.

Religious Freedom,Hillary and her close associations have shown themselves anti-Catholic seeking to inspire a rebellion against the Catholic Faith in America. So called "Catholics" likeJohn Podesta, chairman of Hillary Clinton’s campaignand Jennifer Palmieri, President for the Center for American Progress Action Fund are seeking to uproot the religious freedom of Americans. They are consistent with Nancy Pelosy, Joe Biden, and Tim Kaine who are politicians claiming to be "Catholic", yet seeks to undermine faith in America. Abortion and Gay marriage being two major issues. Unfortunately, there are those who love to spit in the wind when it comes voting for your values. Many have none.

Supreme Court Justices, Hillary will appoint the most left-leaning liberal Court ever that would have more influence than any other President in history, including Franklin Roosevelt who stacked the Court with Masons that brought about the Secularization of our Nation establishing through the Court the "Separation of Church and State", which incidentally is not part of the Constitution. It is a Judicial fiat. This would bring about the taking out the bible from public schools in 1962 and theRoe V Wade Abortion adoption allowing the killing of nearly 60,000,000 unborn children in America. Donald Trump would appoint Justices like Antonin Scalia. Scalia, was pro-life, pro-Constitution, and a Conservative voice on the Bench.

Security, Hillary Clinton told the FBI 39 times that she could not remember anything that dealt with the nearly 50,000 e-mails she deleted after being subpoena by Congress. At least five of Hillary's closest associations have pleaded the 5th and granted immunity before Congress so to give evidence. There have been the threat of security breaches as Hillary used a personal computer at her home involving people with no security clearance and the security protection was no more that what is offered on any home grown internet web-page. Our enemies have had access to our most secure items. Donald Trump will fix this breach when elected.

Military, Hillary would continue the deactivation of much of our Military that Obama has dwindled the past 71/2 years. Our Army is smaller that it was in 1940, our Navy is smaller that it was in 1916, and our Air-Force continues to use outdated air-craft that still use parts out of plane cemeteries. The moral is at an all time low under Obama and Hillary does not have a love for our Troops. I know retirees who worked under President Clinton who warns that the Clinton's abuse the Military. The VA has been a disaster and many Veterans do not get the care they deserve.

There are today 20-22 Veterans committing suicide everyday, mostly from the Vietnam era. To add to this, Hillary apparently sold guns to ISIS? Unbelievable, anyone of these issues should knock out anyone from a campaign, but Hillary is not a normal campaign. There is something evil behind all this masked to make people think all is well. But it isn't, is there a judgement coming and will there be retribution? Very scary especially when Christians are largely responsible.

The Second Amendment, Hillary will seek to eradicate guns from law abiding citizens, this will be gradual, but Clinton's goal is to go after gun makers and the NRA. This will be a great attack on the Constitution which the Clinton's want to make their personal changes. Donald Trump is for Law and Order and will defend American's right to bear arms.

The Police, Hillary is all about defending the criminal and has little commitment to support the victims. Hillary told the Police, "Thanks, but no thanks" telling them she supports Black lives Matter over them. Donald Trump will bring back support for our police who have been wildly attacked both by crime and murder along with the printed press.

Newt Gingrich says that a no vote is a vote for Hillary. You are either implicitly or explicitly supporting Clinton by not voting for Trump in this election. Those who feel this way are helping Clinton one vote at a time.

Our failure to act will have the blood of the unborn on our hands. I am again endorsing Donald Trump for President of the United States of America.

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