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The Catholic Defender: Making America Holy (Great) Again

Mark Kiser, Deepertruth Internet Radio Host of "Be Strong, Be a Man Series" at the end of a recent broadcast announced the importance of "making America Holy Again" as he pledged his support of Donald J. Trump for President.

When Mark said that live, I could not restrain myself as I felt this was most important. Think of how important this is? How our Country as drifted farther away from our Christian foundations.

This past Friday, October 7, 2016, Deepertruth, the Missouri State Marian Association teamed up to commemorate Cardinal Burke's 54 day Rosary Novena for the sake of America. The Event was held at the Jefferson City Missouri State Capital Building in the very Rotunda, what an honor this was as this was the first time ever for such an event.

Since August 15th, Catholics all across the United States participated in praying this 54 day Rosary Novena and Deepertruth Members took this opportunity to heart. How wonderful it was to meet Elise R. Brion, Deepertruth's most recent addition. Also joining us was John Carpenter, Host of Deepertruth's "Journey With Mary" Series who took the many pictures at the event.

Dr. Gregory Thompson, Deepertruth's Host of Our "Eucharistic Miracles" Series helped arranged the event as Deacon Patrick O'Toole (sitting far right in picture) was the key note speaker coming from Illinois to speak on the importance of the Rosary. I was given the great honor to follow Our Lady whose Rosary was prayed by the people assembled for the event.

There were people representing four Diocese in the State of Missouri who attended this Rosary Event. St. Joseph's Radio out of St. Louis covered the presentation as they do with our Conventions throughout Missouri.

People came early to participate and listen to instructions ceremonies were beginning. I was graced to speak with many of the people who had been praying for America and joined us for this special event. I love Mark Kiser's call to "make America holy again" which falls in line with Republican Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump's call to "Make America Great Again".

Now that the 54 Rosary Novena dedication is completed, this is only the beginning, there is no time to stop. Praying for America involves making the right decision between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. For Christians, there is only one choice and that is Donald Trump who pledges to stand for Christian values. Last night's second debate made this clear when talking about Abortion and Gay Marriage.

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