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The Catholic Defender Rides Again At The 3 H Stables In Huntsville Alabama

Today I took one of my Grandsons, Alex to the "3 H Stables Scenic Trail Rides" here in Huntsville Alabama. The day began with a lot of rain and Alex and I waited in the barn where they maintain their horses that will be available for the great American Roundup.

Just like the old West, Ed Hood and his crew keep alive the old ways as it was years ago. Today we toured the 70 acre ranch filled with wooded areas, open areas, hills and paths.

I was raised on a farm in Southern Missouri where we had horses, cattle, hogs, chickens, and a whole lot more. I think that riding horses and being on a ranch is a wonderful way to help young people grow up. I think that children have a deeper appreciation for the outdoors and for life on the ranch when they are exposed to the animals.

From their website: "Ed Hood, a rider since the tender age of 6, is Texan born. But he chose to settle in the Alabama mountains after traveling the world and finding no place that matched their beauty. Here, at 3H Stables, he guides equestrians of all ages and skill levels during classes and camps. Adventure seekers can even follow Ed on overnight, weekend, or week long treks thanks to 3 H Stables' full outfitter services."

Many people rents the property storing their horses on the ranch and can come ride anytime. I was very impressed with the whole process.

Ed Hood I found to be very knowledgeable about many things, he continues to have a love for horses and for young people. Alex had never been on a horse that he could remember and today will be a great day to hold on too.

Ed Hood is originally from Texas, and his family roots played a part with the naming of Fort Hood where I was stationed and lived the last 10 years.

Ed has been riding horses for 50 plus years and he met great American actors such as John Wayne and Ben Johnson. He spoke of Mr. Johnson as one of the great horseback riders of our time.

At age 6 Ed Hood was given his first horse and since then has traveled around the world, 30 different States, Australia and Canada. He has lived in Utah, Oregon, and Canada owning his own trail riding business. He brings a great deal of experience to Alabama.

People all over the world have come to his stables to ride horses, people from Russia, England, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, and many other places.

I asked him today if anyone made any movies on his ranch and he said there have been a number of them. Amazing. Ed told us about a scene where they had bungy cord hooked to their back hookup that literally pulled them off their horse.

In the above picture, Alex and "Rebel" both look on as they watch Grandpa mount his horse! It was a wonderful day and I strongly encourage anyone coming to the Huntsville Alabama area to make a special treat to go horseback riding and get to know the people at 3 H Stables, it's a great way to spent the day!

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